Over the years, I’ve offered so very many opinions about so very many things, here on this site, and elsewhere, and I’ve recently found myself increasingly bored by the sound of my own voice. So, a couple years ago, I began a form of training that has come to be, for me, quite transformative. A training that is about powerful questions, rather than answers. A training that echoes a style of editing I was always drawn to, editing by query. I trained and have been certified as a Coach, as a CPCC, to give me my official designation.

I realize, if there’s one thread through all my work—my life as a theater director in the 90s, running Soft Skull Press in the 00s, launching start-ups and speaking and advising and consulting in the 10s—it’s that I loved helping people rock. Whether as actors, or as writers, or as entrepreneurs, I was helping people to be their maximum selves. It’s often called leadership, though that word tends not to be understood to include those writers and artists who do their thing, leading by means of the cultural artifacts they create.

I help people who identify as creative discover how much more entrepreneurial they truly are (than they think they are); I help people who identify as entrepreneurs and businesspeople discover how much more creative they truly are (than they think they are).

I take, as a motto, the Irish poet Seamus Heaney’s last words: “Noli timere.” “Don’t be afraid.” Fear fucks with us all, and I work to help you put your fears in their place, so you can create and succeed according to who you truly are. Helping you rock. Email me at [email protected] to learn more.