The Future is Now

On the old Soft Skull blog I had a category called The Future is Now. And, for me, that is now true. I’m leaving Soft Skull, as described in this press release.

Thanks for everyone out there for making Soft Skull what it is, above all the readers and writers whom we exist to serve and connect, along with my colleagues, paid and unpaid (!), who’ve put in vast amounts of hours, creativity, and intensity in order to bring those writers and readers together to create this thing we call culture.

When I explained to my colleagues yesterday that I would be consulting and freelancing, some were concerned this was a euphemism for leaving publishing. It is anything but. For me, my departure is actually about my passionate belief in the future of publishing, in the future of community built around long-form edited narrative texts, in the future of connecting writers and readers, in a Web 3.0 that’s about the filters. I’m going to take this opportunity to go even deeper into publishing, to double-down, to go all in…

So bookmark/follow/RSS me. Comment all over me. Books are a conversation, always have been, we’re just a little closer to understanding how, thanks to this social activity called the web. So let’s keep talking.